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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What all is included in the event package?
    - Survey Says game show - 90 minute production of the live game show hosted by professional entertainer Richy Roy! - Studio quality set including contestant tables, game show buzzer system, large screen and projector, backdrops, wash lights, effect lighting, room up lighting (as needed) and BOSE sound system! Hollywood style 'step and repeat' backdrop to set the mood for your guests to take some fun selfies. We even set up the red velvet rope to bring the glam! - Professional dj service before the game show (cocktails and dinner) and after (dance party) including the dance floor party lights to keep it going right until close (2am cut off). - Availability to use wireless microphone to make annoucements or speeches! ** Need help making you events promotional material (poster)? We can help design to your specifications for just $95!**
  • How are people selected to play Survey Says?
    Guests will have the opportunity to sign their teams of 4 up before the event. We will work with the event orginzer to determine the best method of choosing teams! Some prefer to have it completely random, others enjoy the event of teams competing and using team building excercises to determine who gets to play!
  • How long is the game show?
    The Survey Says game show is a minumum of 90 minutues!
  • Can we customize the game or game play?
    We sure can! If you'd like to incorporate company polices, event themes or anything at all we'll work with you to try and accomadate as much as possible to make your event the best it can be!
  • What size of performance area is needed?
    Our set can be as small as 35 feet wide by 18 feet deep or as big as 50 feet wide and 25 feet deep. We'll work with you to make sure that everything will work out great. If the venuce is too small we may not be able to accept the request for services as it'd important the set is set up and looks the best that it can be and we would not want anything but the best for our clients!
  • How long do you need before the performance to set up?
    We require approx. 4 hours before the event opens up to the public. There are alot of electronics, set items and lighting that needs time to be in place before the guest arrive to have fun!
  • Are the questions real?
    Yes the questions are real and often incite great answers from the contestants! We even have our own questions that we like to survey our audiences before the event starts to get people involved and engaged in the nights event!
  • Are you affliated with any TV Show or organization?
    No, we do not imply or claim to be assocaited with any past or present game show company or organization.
  • What makes Big Time Gameshows and the game Survey Says different than other entertainment providers?
    The Survey Says game show is easy to understand and fun to play! 16 or more of your guests become the stars of the show! That’s what the audience watching and people playing love the most! With a high level production (unique set and flashy design to replicate a real live TV show), fun questions and a host with a lot of experience with entertaining large audiences, it’s sure to be a memorable night for all!
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