Take a SURVEY!!

Question 1:  Name something people cram things into.

Question 2: Name something that gets better with age.

Question 3: Name a celebrity who’s voice you instantly recognise.

Question 4: Name something a kid might play with in the bath tub.

Question 5: Tell me a last minute gift a person buys for Valentine’s Day.

Question 6: Name an invention that you can’t live without.

Question 7: Name an activity grandma and grandma might do on a date.

Question 8: Tell me a reason a student gets sent to the principals office

Question 9: Name something a dog might chew on.

Question 10: Tell me an activity you might do on the beach if you were all alone.

Question 11: Tell me something that might scare a dog. 

Question 12: Name an occupation that often requires you to climb a ladder. 

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