Take a SURVEY!!

Question 1:  Name someone who could be referred to as the greatest Canadian athlete of all time.

Question 2: Tell me something you might find in your mailbox.

Question 3: Tell me a food children find disgusting.

Question 4: Tell me a costume “couples” dress up as for Halloween.

Question 5: Name an actor that always takes his shirt off in movies.

Question 6: Tell me something parents lie to their children about all the time.

Question 7: Name something you think of when you hear the word Mexico.

Question 8: Name an actor you would vote for if they became a politician.

Question 9: Tell me a common topping that does not belong on pizza.

Question 10: Give me an excuse a teenager tells their parent when they come home late.

Question 11: Name a ride at the fair people get sick from riding.

Question 12: Tell me something everyone loves to hate.

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