Take a SURVEY!!

Question 1:  Name the first thing someone buys after winning the lottery.

Question 2: Name something you shouldn’t do with your tougne.

Question 3: Name something you avoid touching in public washrooms.

Question 4: Name something that might make you feel sick. 

Question 5: Name something you squeeze.

Question 6: Name something women have in common with cats.

Question 7: Tell me something that might happen at a staff Christmas party, that everyone will be talking about at work.

Question 8: Tell me something you should avoid doing in a job interview.

Question 9: Give me a reason a person would take off their shirt.

Question 10: Tell me something that is easy to choke on.

Question 11: Tell me something you should avoid doing on your first day of work.

Question 12: Tell me something you might do to make a child laugh.

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