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"You did awesome! Thank you so much for coming! It was a great addition to our fundraiser and encourage others to do so as well."

- Loran Tosczak  

Oungre Recreation Board

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"I think we can all agree that having Big Time Gameshows has made this to be the best Christmas party ever!  Just fantastic!" 

- Jeff Tosczak  

Great Plains Ford

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"That was the best Christmas party that I have ever been to!" 

- Boyd S. 


"An awesome, interactive game experience! Very professional and well organized event with great visual and sound affects. 
This would be a great Christmas Party, corporate event or just a fun evening with friends. Highly recommend this company! Great time!"  

 -Becky K.

 Key Well Servicing Ltd.

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"Thanks again to Big Time Gameshows for the fabulous entertainment on Saturday and for making our Christmas party a huge success!"   

   -  Murray GM Estevan

"Had Richy and Preston at our Christmas Party for Murray GM in Estevan. Best party ever, got staff to participate, good clean fun,if you like to laugh this is the show for you.Try them, you won’t be dissatisfied, been in the car business for over 35 years, that’s a lot of Christmas Party’s. I rank this as one of the best!"

– Terry S.

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15-Nov-18 - Winners.jpg

"Had the best Christmas Staff & Customer Appreciation Party with Big Time Gameshows - we highly recommend them for your next corporate event! "   

   -  Tanya H., John Hulbert Construction Ltd.

"Thank you for everything! Both shows of Survey Says were awesome and a huge hit! I would recommend this show any day of the week!"   

   -  Trent H., Huebner Sanitary Services Ltd.

Audience Testimonials

This would be our second game show that we have went to and it was a blast! Can’t wait to see what next game he makes!! 100% just go to a show!

  • Kimburlie Wilton

For barely making the 90’s I had a blast partying like it was the 80’s!! So much fun and the hosts were awesome.

  • Kaylee Petrie

We had Richie and Preston do our fundraiser last night. They are very professional and know how to keep the crowd involved. The evening flowed very well without any long breaks. Our committee have even talked about having them do an annual fundraiser for us. Fantastic job Richy and Preston.

  • Cindy Horner, event organizer

Fantastic entertainment from a fantastic entertainer! Love the idea of a game show! Great fundraiser for Ogema Swimming Pool!

  • Carol Leonard

The guys put on a great, high energy show. It’s a “must go to again” kind of fun. Highly recommended!

  • Darcy Iverson

We had such a great time last night at The Awesome 80’s show! Richy and company did a fantastic job and I would definitely go again!

  • Trina Lachance

We went to the 80’s gameshow in Ogema for our staff party. What a blast! Highly recommend attending one of these. Richy Roy knows how to keep a crowd entertained. Thanks to Ogema and Richy Roy #BigTimeGameshows

  • Tina Krahn

We went to the 80’s game show night in Ogema for a work Christmas party. Everyone had so much fun!!! Everyone can participate as much as they’d like. Richy Roy is a natural born entertainer. I laughed so much. Great time!

  • Meghan Vancuren

January 21, 2020

This was a date night with my wife, shared with relatives, and close friends. We knew Richy would put on a good show – it was an absolutely amazing time with a ton of laughs. He didn’t throw us into a DeLorean, but he definitely took everyone back into the 80’s. A great fun night!!!!!

  • Embrase Sim

We had a great time playing and would recommend them to anyone having a party!

  • Christina Claypool-Mowbray

December 17, 2019

It was an awesome game playing the 80’s show. Loved seeing all the shows, music, and movies.

  • David Seipp

Having Big Time Gameshows at our Christmas function was the greatest idea ever. I have never seen anything like this before – except for watching others on TV. Being part of the game show was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. I learned a life lesson while having fun with our group – I wasn’t expecting that!!! Richy and his crew were so professional and engaging and funny! I recommend this for everyone to experience. A great night for work functions, also. Thank you guys!!!

  • Dione Labatt

December 16, 2019

We had our Christmas party for Murray GM Estevan and had a BLAST! Richy is awesome. Great show guys!

  • Reffotsirk Lara Duran

Was a great night of entertainment with these guys!! Very interactive and fun! It was a great Christmas party with our company.

  • Charity Jahn

December 15, 2019

It was a fun experience and the host was friendly and funny.

  • Aaron Rollman

Great time! The entertainment was fantastic. I have nothing bad to say about it.

  • Landon Doole

December 13, 2019

Very good entertainment. Had lots of laughs! Just an all out great experience. Thank you Richy Roy for an amazing night!

  • Brayden David Brenholen

Had the most fabulous time!!! Highly recommended

  • Carla Johnston

Definitely recommend Big Time Gameshows! Such an amazing night full of entertainment and laughs!

  • Caitlin Wheeler

Richy and Preston provided a fun and very entertaining evening. Well done. Had a great time.

  • Lloyd Montgomery

Richy and Preston put on a professional and hilarious show! Everyone was involved and had an amazing time at our event! I would definitely recommend Big Time Gameshows!

  • Dustin Leclair

What a hoot! Laughed hard... highly recommend for an engaging evening of entertainment.

  • Morgan Grainger

Highly recommend Big Time Gameshows for a top notch professional night of entertainment. Tons of fun and laughs!!! Thanks Richy and Preston!

  • Tammy Bell, event organizer

December 12, 2019

What a great experience attending this event. I highly recommend Richard Roy and his brother Preston for a great night of laughs and the energy they bring is awesome. Great work you guys. Thanks to Minards and Big Time Gameshows for an incredible night out.

  • Greg Johnston

December 07, 2019

Went to Barber Motors Christmas party! This was the entertainment! So much fun! Would highly recommend to anyone!

  • Debbie-Lori Smith-Stuart

Great fun, really good local entertainment. The set, the lights and good music. Oh and the host of the show couldn’t be beat by anyone.

  • Bryan Furgason

This was a very fun and entertaining event with lots of laughs. Would highly recommend!

  • Bayley Farr

We had them for our Barber Motors Christmas party this year and glad we did. They put on a very professional, entertaining and fun show. Good for all ages. Would highly recommend them for your next event!

  • Charlie Travis

Such a great night and a great way to spend the evening! Lots of fun and lots of laughs!

  • Annie Drake

Awesome! Good time had by all!

  • Morris Tytlandsvik

It was fun and entertaining! Richy and Preston were both so good in what they do! It was an awesome Christmas party!

  • Marc Dalumpines

I had such a great night. It was fun participating in the show but it is also fun to just sit back and watch!

  • Holley Hermann

Such a great time!!! Always keeps the crowd entertained!!!

  • Bonnie Wakefield

We had such a great time at my husband’s Christmas party. Big Time Gameshows put on an amazing show. Lots of people had an opportunity to play Survey Says and it was hilarious to watch! Would love to attend another one of these shows. Would 100% recommend them for your next function!

  • Ashlie Marx

Awesome night filled with great energy and laughs! Never a dull moment.

  • Jeremy Van Roon

Soooooooo much fun at our Barber Motors Christmas party!!! Thank you Richy and Preston!!!

  • Amanda Griffin

Great entertainment! Would be great for any event.

  • Karen Sidloski

These guys put on a crazy well done professional show! As many people as want to can participate. Thanks Richy and Preston for a fun filled evening.

  • Jerome Sidloski

It was very entertaining. I had a great time. It was so much fun and we had a lot of laughs. The host and sound effects/lights were awesome! I would highly recommend them for any event!

  • Francine Breau Hoffart

December 06, 2019

It was fun to get to watch everyone play the game Survey Says at my husband’s Christmas party last night! Absolutely recommend this for anyone looking to have a fun time for any event!

  • Lacy Kay Wilson

Amazing! The guys put on a great show that got everyone involved and they were hilarious! Go see them if you get a chance!

  • Quinton Cugnet

We had the best time last night at a corporate party with Big Time Gameshows as the entertainment. Everyone got involved, tons of laughs! Highly recommend them for your next event. Thanks to the Roy brothers.

  • Shaina Jackson

Played Survey Says at my husband’s company Christmas party last night. Everyone laughed and loved it! Thanks again guys!

  • Desiree Pratt

Very entertaining! My face hurt from laughing so much! Great job Richy and Preston!

  • Brent Ruckaber

This was AMAZING! I’ve seen other live game shows before (and most of them were horrible) but this Big Time show the best Christmas party entertainment I’ve ever seen #LoveIt #HIGHESTRecommendation

  • Will Morris

We had it at our Christmas party. It was awesome so much fun. You should call these guys! It was so much fun and entertaining. I loved it can’t wait to do it again. These guy such a great job. Like I said so much fun. I recommend it to everyone for parties!!!!

  • Corey Clark

December 01, 2019

Would highly recommend this for a staff party or special event. Guaranteed to have a lot of laughs!

  • Paige Tenbult

Had a great time at my husband’s Christmas party! The Big Time Gameshow was very entertaining and provided lots of laughs! The set, music, and sound effects were all awesome and Richy is a great game show host! Would highly recommend to anyone!!!

  • Jamie Frank

Was great fun entertainment for your value. Highly recommend getting this great crew for your next fundraiser/event. They are excellent to be around and work with. Thanks!!!

  • Adam Carlson

It was funny, clever, and all around enjoyable entertainment!

  • Tyson Becker

November 30, 2019

We had Big Time Gameshows for our corporate Christmas party. Lots of fun playing Survey Says. Good clean fun with lots of laughs. High recommended!!!

  • Kelly Gervais

A fun time was had by all at the Whitecap Christmas party. Richy is very engaging with participants and keeps the laughs coming. Thanks again for a fun evening!

  • Lianne-Darcy Cretin

Bravo to Big Time Gameshows for the excellent job they did during the Crescent Point Christmas party in keeping the crowd engaged. Highly recommend them for your next corporate event, you won’t be disappointed! Richy and Preston, this was a top notch event and looking forward to seeing what next year brings!

  • Carrie Wheeler

November 24, 2019

I have attended two evenings of Survey Says, 80’s Trivia Night, and several weddings done by these guys. Lots of energy, excellent at getting the crowd involved and always a good time!!

  • Courtney Doud

I don’t comment on many things but have to say that I had a blast at my Christmas party this year thanks to Big Time Gameshows. I won’t forget it!!!

  • David Benny Benson

We had so much fun with Richy and Preston! They really got the crowd involved and it was hilarious!!! Cannot wait until we get a chance to play again!! Was my favourite Christmas party so far!

  • Becky Benson

Very well put together show! We had such a blast!

  • Shannon Fodchuk

These guys are pretty awesome! Lots of fun and laughs are sure to be had with them leading your event! Highly recommend this duo for sure!!

  • Sarah Basey

Entertaining time for our Christmas party!

  • Paul Fladeland

So much fun!!! Lots of energy! So well organized! Richy is a fabulous host!!

  • Tara Kaip

Great times!!! Tremendously entertaining and lots of laughs. Definitely recommend Big Time Gameshows!

  • Jeremy Murray

November 21, 2019

I had a blast playing along at my seat and then up on stage. Richy kept the whole audience involved and entertained.

  • Susan Clark

Great setup and professionally run. The guys know how to read and play to the crowd/contestants and was a riot the entire evening. Definitely recommend!

  • Derek Flad

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had that much fun. I would recommend going or if you are looking for a fundraiser for your community or company Xmas party, give Richy a call. You will not be disappointed.

  • Mike Rasmuson

This was so much fun! Highly recommend attending!

  • Andrea Wilson

Had a great time because of Richard Roy and his game show, cool new way to liven up the evening and make people laugh. Highly recommend!

  • Randy Gossner

I had so much fun at the game show last night in Midale! I laughed so hard I cried! I definitely recommend everyone to go and have so much fun! Good times! Thanks for the awesome entertainment.

  • Robyn Layden

November 16, 2019

These guys came to Midale for a community fundraiser, our staff chose to go for our Christmas party. Best decision!! So much fun! We laughed until we cried. Very well organized and executed! We hope they can come back next year!

  • Terry Hauglum

Awesome evening of fun and laughs. Had the best time in a long time. Highly recommend taking this event in. Well done Roy boys.

  • Cody Martin

We had the best time! Lots of laughs had by all, hope we can do the 80’s trivia one next!

  • Nikki Stabenow Herlick

Highly recommend this! You want a good time with lots of laughs with friends and family! This is your show! Was an absolute blast taking this show in you don’t want to miss out on your chance getting these guys!

  • Marla Brasseur

The show was fun and engaging. Richy is clever and the laughs just keep on coming. Looking forward for more to come!

  • Vanessa Lund

November 05, 2019

Attended my first Big Time Game Show and it was a fantastic time. Richy & his brother have put together a very entertaining, professional, and well thought out event that brings laughter out to its fullest. I loved that the game incorporated lots of guests and the production made you feel like you really were playing on TV. Great job guys and we can’t wait to attend our next event with you guys!

  • Tammy Bhimji

Without knowing what to expect, my group and I were ready for anything and Richy/Preston Roy exceeded our expectations! From the realistic looking set to the lights, music, and most importantly, Richy’s performance (great homage to Richard Dawson), it was professional, organized, and wildly entertaining. Great idea for anyone looking for an idea for an anniversary, party, reunion, staff party, or fundraiser. I would recommend him and Big Time Gameshows completely.

  • Rob Jordens

Wasn’t sure what to expect as we were invited by friends. More than pleasantly surprised at how fun and professional the whole evening was. Great time!!! So many laughs. Will definitely go again when an opportunity presents itself.

  • Keenan Tait

Lots of fun and laughs had by our group! We would definitely go again! Great job Richy Roy and team.

  • Venessa Storle

November 03, 2019

Went to Big Time Gameshows on the weekend in Bracken. Was so much fun!! Very well organized would definitely recommend them for your next event!!!

  • Rhonda James

They kept the crowd entertained the whole time! It was a lot of fun!

  • Stephanie Leguee

Very entertaining! Very professional! Lots of laughs! A great night out!

  • Terry Jordens

We had so much fun at Big Time Gamshows in Bracken. The game show was so well organized and the host kept whole crowd laughing. Definitely recommend booking for a fundraiser!

  • Cleo Morvik

Just attended the Yellow Grass Big Time Gameshow – have to say it was even more fun then I thought it would be!! The host Richy Roy and Preston Roy was excellent – really knows how to entertain the crowd, as well as, keep a game rolling. Many laughs were had, and also even the dance moves were busted out too!!! The full package... even had a dance party! Fun Fun Fun!!!

  • Dana Quigley

Very well put together show. Great host, well organized and great entertainment. I highly recommend going to a show!

  • Rhawnie Olson

They came out to our small town and put on a great show!! Lots of laughs and everyone was really into the game show! Would love to have them out again! Highly recommend!

  • Laura Bouvier

Hug rave to Big Time Gameshows, last night the Yellow Grass Community Club had Richy out and it was a blast. I know the crew from YGFR had a blast. On another note I can’t wait to take in the Awesome 80’s game show that they put on as well.

  • Mickey Quigley

We had such a great time at the show! Richy was awesome and so interactive to get the crowd into it. Definitely would go again!

  • Amber Nikolejsin

Thanks so much for such a great night! Big Time Gameshows is such a great concept and fun way to do fundraising or just have something different for an event. Everything was so well put together it was truly a great time for all. Can’t wait to attend another!

  • Patrice Nidosky-Altwasser

I had an absolute blast last night at this show. The food was amazing and they let me eat as much as I wanted lol. Also what I liked was that people that were really shy and don’t like speaking in public did very well on stage. They somehow almost made you feel like the crowd wasn’t even there even though they were very involved with the show. I know I will be going again and our table of 10 all felt the same. Great night!

  • Landon Kinney

This was a lot of fun! Very well organized and hilarious questions. I would definitely attend another one.

  • Laura Knoblauch

Went to the Big Time Gameshows event last night! Oh my god, what a blast! The crowd was so into it. Host Richy was absolutely amazing, so lively and funny, he really makes the night. I know the event even got the quiet people having fun and involved. I would do this every weekend if I could!!!

  • Matthew Seitz

This was the most fun I’ve had in a long time!!! Everyone truly enjoyed themselves. Thank you Richy and Preston for the fun evening!

  • Ronda Whitrow

We have attended Big Time Gameshows twice now, both times were great! Very entertaining, great questions, and hosts! Highly recommend it!

  • Brittany Storle

November 01, 2019

I might be bias because my team won and I got a trophy but that was sooooooo much fun! Great job, Richy and Preston!

  • Lana Szabo-Cleveland

The Survey Says game show is an excellent night out for large groups. We had so many laughs at people’s answers. Such a great evening and the Roy boys are perfect game show hosts!

  • Rose Anne McInnes

Had so much fun, Survey Says is just like the real game! Very well done!

  • Tasha Collins

Great show and great experience. We laughed, we cried, we all had an awesome time.

  • Joel Rogers

The Awesome 80’s game show hosted at McKenna Hall for Gymnastics Club was a night full of fun & comedy that had us all laughing all night. The presentation of the game and Richy and Preston’s outfits totally made it!!! We can’t wait to play again!

  • Erin Bell

Very talented men who put together an amazing evening of entertainment. The production is outstanding!!! 100% recommend for any fundraising event. They are so helpful to make what you need a huge success!!! Thank You Preston and Richy!!!

  • Karie Ruckaber

October 13, 2019

Absolutely loved this night. Very energetic and entertaining. I do not have enough words to truly do justice to the great job these two men did. Very much a must see/do

  • Tara Neuberger

I was both an organizer and an attendee of the Awesome 80s game show. The set up itself is very professional and so well put together – we had so much fun! As a non-profit club putting this event on, we were provided with so much information and support to help us along the way. I highly recommend Big Time Gameshows and look forward to planning our next event with Richy and Preston.

  • Amy Furgason

If you haven’t experienced Big Time Gameshows you are missing out! Richy Roy and Preston are professional, funny and down right entertaining! Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this show!

  • Andrea Rosescu-Struthers

September 21, 2019

We had so much fun! Richy is the perfect game show host, keeps the pace going, and has a great sense of humor! One of our group got on stage and had a blast! I can’t wait for the next Big Time Gameshow at the casino!

  • Charlane Blayone

It is so much fun and Richy Roy is an amazing host. Everyone feels comfortable.

  • Judy Bell

I went to the Big Time Gameshow with my mom and aunt and we all had an amazing time! Richy Roy is the perfect host! He kept the 600+ people engaged and laughing the whole night! The set was professional and the game ran smoothly at a good pace. The Casino was a great venue for the show. Thank you Casino Regina for bringing them in, what a great way to reward your players club members! We hope to see them again!

  • Tammy Taylor

Richy was fantastic at the exhibition! The show was really well put together, in the first place, but his witty and often outrageous sense of humor was what really grabbed the crowd! My wife and I were both surprised by how exciting it was to be in the audience of a live game show, and Richy did a stand up job of keeping us and the rest of the crowd engaged and laughing hysterically! 10/10

  • Taylor Rafford

A lot of fun! Had a blast!

  • Chase Hussey

We were at the Queen City Exhibition...enjoyed the 4:15 show on Sunday! Fantastic Fun and family friendly entertainment!!! We loved it!!!

  • Natasha Shyiak

August 04, 2019

Had a blast! Great host would definitely recommend.

  • Nick Ward Evjen

Had such a great time! Super fun and exciting and makes you use your brain! Highly suggest them!

  • Kayla Hayden

Its basically like being at a TV game show and the host is charismatic and entertaining. Go check it out Regina Ex

  • David Roman

Had so much fun today playing in Regina! Thank you to Richard for being an amazing host! Can’t wait until next year!

  • Lindsay May

Most fun I’ve ever had! 5 stars and then some!!!

  • Harmony Brook

A great time, it was well put together and a boat load of fun entertainment.

  • Arthur Powers

WoW, what an awesome time I had watching this show at Casino Regina, and even better time being one of the contestants, lol, if you have not been to the show yet, put it on your bucket list lol, going to laugh and have fun... It is got to go!

Michelle Crawford

"Best fundraiser night we've had in years, hands down.  You guys really stepped it up and I can't wait to come back next year when you guys come to perform!"- Ken B. - Apr. 2019


" It was fantastic!! And your shoes are amazing!"- Melissa E. - Apr. 2019


" WOW! That was a lot of fun! You guys (Big Time Gameshows) nailed it!" - Terra O. - Apr. 2019


" This was the best fundraiser we've had in the last ten years because of the show you guys (Big Time Gameshows) put on for us.  It was incredible!  My wife doesn't usually like coming to these things but when she heard Big Time Gameshows was going to be here, she didn't want to miss it.  Thanks for making the night so much fun!" - Bucky D. - Apr. 2019


" I've seen a lot of entertainment and this was up there with the best.  A lot of laughs and great production.  Recommend theses guys all day long." - Jacob F. - Mar. 2019

"Big Time Gameshows performed for our Christmas and the atmosphere was incredible. We had a fun time, especially because our team won the championship trophy. We especially liked the trophies we got to take home for ourselves. It was absolutely one of the best Christmas parties we’ve ever had and would love to have them come back and perform again. I recommend that anyone who is booking entertainment, should hire these guys." - Christine M. - Nov. 2018


"My favourite part was listening to all the ridiculous answers that the contestants came up with. I would recommend Big Time Gameshows to anyone! It was a ton of fun and Richy was really entertaining." – Brady B. - Nov. 2018


"I work for Murray GM and we had just a fantastic time at our Christmas party. These guys with their game show act and the comedy was just fantastic. Anybody that is looking for entertainment where you can have fun and participate, these are the guys to get. Make sure to get them because they were absolutely great!" – Terry S. - Nov. 2018


"The show was very well put together; sound effects and drops were on point which make a really great experience because they got people laughing. It was interactive, it was fun, it was easily one of the best Christmas parties I’ve ever been to!"   -  Patrick F. - Nov. 2018

"We had Big Time Gameshows at our Christmas party and it was fantastic! We were the lead scorers with 596 points! Totally recommend these guys!!! "   -  Jessica F. - Nov. 2018

"Big Time Gameshows was at our Christmas party tonight, it was absolutely hilarious and we had a great time. - Lisa Abbott"   -  Lisa A. - Nov. 2018

"It’s a blast we had so much fun!! Would be a great source of entertainment at a Christmas party or work function!! Highly recommend Big Time Gameshows!!"  - Raymond C. - Sept. 2018

"Best time ever!!!! The stage is so authentic and stunning!!! So professional. The host and production was so enthusiastic and hilarious!!!"  - Brittany R. - Sept. 2018

"So much fun! Great time, great energy, great atmosphere! Definitely recommend this gameshow!"  - Dallen H.

"We had a great time !! Great energy from start to finish."  - Amanda D.  - Sept. 2018

"Such an amazing experience!! Great night out with friends! Lots of laughs and memories!"  -  Jamie-Lee C. - Sept. 2018

"So Much Fun, great time!!!!"  - Tamara S. - Sept. 2018

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