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Question 1:  Name an excuse a girl might give when she doesn't want to dance with a boy.

Question 2: Name a reason someone might be taking a long time in the washroom.

Question 3: Name something you might find in your grandma's purse. 

Question 4: Name a reason a woman might be running behind before a date.

Question 5: Name an emoji you send your spouse when you want to have fun.

Question 6: Name a food you might eat at a baseball game.

Question 7: Name a lie that most people tell themselves. 

Question 8: Name a gift you'd give superhero cat woman for a baby shower gift.  

Question 9: Would you be interested in going to a live performance of Big Time Gameshows Survey Says if it came to your town/city?

Question 10: Do you think a live gameshow would be a good idea for a corporate event or fundraiser?

Question 11: Would you attend a performance of Big Time Gameshows Survey Says if they were featured at your local fair / exhibition?

Question 12: Would you rather be a viewing audience member or a contestant on Survey Says?

Question 13: Do you promise to tell five friends to checkout www.BigTimeGameshows.com and do a survey!

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