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Making your event unique and memorable with
exciting live entertainment!
Survey Says Gameshow

Your guests become the stars of the fun, engaging and team building game of Survey Says! Two teams of four people each are randomly selected and compete against each other in a Feud style game where contestants have to guess the popular answers to our custom made questions. Audience members that want a chance to play can enter their names into our golden raffle bin and will be selected during the show. We bring the studio quality production of the famous real live TV game show to your event complete with music, lighting, sound effects and exciting professional host. We can even customize the show to include event themes or around your company objectives while generating a huge live audience response! 24 contestants egt to come up on stage and winners take home their very own trophies!


Why People Love Survey Says

  • The game is easy to understand

  • Lots of participation on stage and in the audience

  • Very fun game to play

  • ​Entertaining and engaging host

  • High production level

  • Ability to customize to client needs

The Awesome 80s Gameshow

Everybody gets to play in this awesome 80’s themed game show. Your table is your team as you compete against everyone else through four rounds of 80’s pop culture and music gaming. We’ve elevated the concept of trivia & name that tune and have combined them with comedy and exciting visuals to make this an unforgettable retro game show. Guests are encouraged to dress up in their best 80’s outfits and enjoy this trip back in time, complete with a real arcade hooked up to the big screen! The winning team gets to claim the Awesome 80’s championship wrestling belt for the night and the Awesome 80’s MVPs will take home their very own golden medallions. No other 80’s party even comes close to Big Time Gameshow’s Awesome 80’s. You need to see it to believe it!!!

Awesome 80s Logo Small.png
  • The ultimate 80's event!

  • Everyone plays at their table!

  • Great for adults of all ages!

  • Unique & very fun to play!

  • Ideal for corporate events & fundraisers!

  • Recommended for groups of 50 – 300 people

DJ Mixer

Big Time Gameshows always provides DJ service for the cocktail with an option to add post show DJ/dance portion to your event. We make it easy for you to organize your event and ensure all your music & entertainment needs are covered by enthusiastic professionals! If you have a special or unique idea for your event, we will work with you to develop a plan to make it match your style perfectly!

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